Calavera Cuff


  • Product Description

      "Calavera", Spanish for skull is the main focus to this cuff. Skulls symbolize death and rebirth. Particularly, sugar skulls are gifted to friends and family as a reminder that there is life after death. Make this special and meaningful piece yours or gift it to someone important to you.

      Note: Slight natural variations in bead color and bead texture will occur.

      Genuine flat turquoise howlite beads, red resin rose, silver pyrite, howlite turquoise skulls

      Size: 7 inches. Flexes and can adjust to most sizes.

      Lead time: 1-2 business days

      What is Day of the Dead? Day of the Dead (Spanish: Dia de los Muertos) is a fun and colorful festivity in which people gather to celebrate the life of their deceased. It is believed that people live a dream and once dead they are truly awake and live life. Death is not considered an end but a continuum of life.