Tribute to Frida Kahlo


  • Product Description

      This bracelet is in honor of an amazing and influential woman. A Day of the Dead celebration is incomplete without paying tribute to Frida Kahlo. This skull bracelet emulates beauty. The beautiful red roses are the main focus of this piece. They represent the roses she's well known for wearing in her hair. 

      Materials: Black howlite cross, white howlite skulls, silver pyrite, lava rock (volcano rock) 

      Size: 7 inches

      Lead time: 1-2 business days

      What is Day of the Dead? Day of the Dead (Spanish: Dia de los Muertos) is a fun and colorful festivity in which people gather to celebrate the life of their deceased. It is believed that people live a dream and once dead they are truly awake and live life. Death is not considered an end but a continuum of life.